Hi there! Welcome to my home on the internet. My name is Michael. And no – my last name isn’t Chance. Rather ‘Chance’ is what this blog, Michael Chance, is about – taking chances.

I didn’t always have this outlook – a few short years ago I had a very ‘average’ existence. Get up in the morning, go to work, meet up with friends at the bar on the way home, get take-out for dinner, and then back to bed. Each day was the same as before. I didn’t even realize there was anything ‘wrong’ with my daily life. It seemed normal. It was what my friends did.

That all changed one rainy Thursday evening a few years ago. I was heading home from the bar, as I usually did. It was dark, there was a bit of rain and yes, I had had one beer too many. I saw a shape in the road, it looked like a dog. I swerved to try miss it and that is all I remember.

I woke up in the ICU three days later. I learned that after swerving, I had gone over the curb and crashed straight into a tree. The rescue workers said after they managed to get me out of the car, I had technically died for five minutes before they brought me back to life.

Hearing this was a turning point. I had been given a second chance. I decided then and there that I would be living this life, this chance, to the fullest.

In the words of Paulo Coelho; ‘Be Bright. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Brilliant. BE YOU’.