Celebrate Small Wins

We are so focused on the ‘big wins’ in our life; a promotion, a big sale, getting married, losing 40 pounds, and we know how to celebrate these events. But we don’t acknowledge all the small wins that come up along the way. These small wins may seem insignificant, but they have an impact on our bigger goals. They deserve to be celebrated!

151208-F-CT367-149A benefit of celebrating small goals is that we are also acknowledging that we are making progress towards the ‘big goal’. This helps with motivation along the way. What happens is that each time you celebrate a win, no matter how big or small, the brain releases chemicals. These chemicals make us feel good and happy. These feelings then help motivate us towards to the bigger goal. And even if you take the big goal out entirely, each achievement is something worthwhile and should be acknowledged. Every day that we are alive and have done something with our lives, is an achievement.

How to celebrate small wins

So now you know the reasons for celebrating small wins, but how do you actually celebrate them? What can you do? There’s no need to buy a bottle of champagne or throw a party for each win – that could get quite expensive! Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Call your friends and family to share the news. Hearing the positive and encouraging praise will make you feel even better, and help you focus on your win.
  • Make a booking at a restaurant you have been wanting to try.
  • Run a hot bath, put on some relaxing music, and just time out.
  • Buy a funky pair of running socks.
  • Give your permission to have a break – set aside a couple hours, and let yourself not think about work without feeling guilty.

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