Keep Clear Priorities

It is very common for people to spend their days running from one task to the next, ticking items off their ever-growing ‘to-do’ list, but feeling they are making little to no progress in life.

What is missing in this scenario, is a lack of clear, defined PRIORITIES.

Getting clear on your priorities, and planning your days to support these priorities, will help you become more effective, reach your goals with less effort, and ultimately live your best life.

How to set priorities

3330447934_45267d15ac_bTake a step back.

Set aside a few hours where you will have no interruptions. Get a notebook and write down what is important to you. What will make you proud 10 years from now? This will not be a very long list; 3 – 5 items is common.

List out the things you do every day. Waking, exercising, eating etc. Go into detail. Mark every item that is in line with your priorities. For example, if you go to the gym, and one of your priorities is to get fit and healthy, then those activities line up.

All the items that are marked are in line with your priorities, and everything else needs to be looked at to see how you could use your time better. Could you get an assistant to take care of some tasks? You could consider ‘batching’ certain tasks, like checking email or meal prep. Some tasks could be done away with entirely – do you really need to spend an hour every day on Facebook?

Run a test week (or two).

Spend one week implementing the changes you wrote down above. See what works for you and what doesn’t. Make changes as appropriate. After a couple weeks, you should have more free time on your hands after the delegation or elimination of certain tasks.

Add in.

Now it is time to add in activities/tasks that help you keep your priorities on track. You don’t have to go all in right away. For example, if you want to get fit but haven’t exercised in many years, start with 5 minutes – not 60.

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