Kick-start Your Fitness

If you are not used to exercising regularly, starting an exercise routine can be daunting. But have no fear – you can start with just four minutes a day, three times a week. Once you get used to incorporating exercise into your daily life, you can gradually begin to increase it.

7 Simple workout options for the beginner

  • The four minute workout has the aim of increasing your heart rate to 90% of the maximum for four minutes, followed by a cool down. The exercises in this workout can include swimming, training-828760_960_720walking briskly, running sprints, cycling, or climbing steps. Do this workout three times a week.
  • 10-minute Yoga is an excellent way to not only stretch the
    body and exercise your muscles but to also improve your balance, breathing, and how you handle stress. There are a variety of ten minute yoga videos online. Look for an instructor you and your style feel most comfortable with.
  • Nerd Fitness’ Beginner Bodyweight workout can be done at home, or in a park. It is a little longer than the other two workouts but is great for those looking for something a bit more challenging.
  • Exercise Bliss was developed by Fitness Reloaded. If you only want to devote five minutes a day, five days a week, then this is the ideal workout for you. The routines are sent to your inbox, and the goal of Exercise Bliss is to make exercise a lasting habit.
  • Couch to 5k. If you have always wanted to run but found it too intimidating, a couch to 5k is designed for those who have no running experience. There are a variety of programs on offer, and most of them are around eight weeks long. They start with a combination of walking and jogging and slowly get you more used to actually running.

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