Never Stop Learning

161205-F-TF218-0011Just because you are finished with school or college doesn’t mean the learning stops. In fact, learning should never come to an end, no matter what life stage you are at. There are always new skills to acquire and there is always new knowledge to learn. This is one of the exciting things of life!

If you want to live life boldly and to its fullest, you can’t just settle. We continuously need to look for ways to grow and improve. And that comes with learning.

Three Reasons You Should Keep on Learning

  • You will be happier. While learning something new like swimming or a second language can be very difficult (and often frustrating), reaching your goals is an amazing feeling. The more ambitious the goal, the greater the feeling of accomplishment we feel. By choosing our own goals and new things to learn, we, therefore ‘create’ our own happiness. We aren’t reliant on others for this.
  • You will be irreplaceable at work. The most adaptable team member is the most valuable and being adaptable comes from constantly being open to learning new things.
  • Your brain will be healthier. Constantly learning keeps your brain at a higher level of functioning. Think of it as an exercise for the brain. Continued learning can also slow down the physical effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Increased pleasure. Now that you are out of school, you have the choice to learn about a topic because it interests you, rather than because you are told to. It is a fun and enjoyable experience when learning a new skill that excites you.
  • Learning makes you more interesting. If you often feel at a loss for what to say when in a group, learning something new will give you some talking points. Dinner parties will be more fun when you have interesting information to share!

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