Practice Gratitude Daily

gratitude-1350037_960_720If you’ve read my story, you would know I was given, against all odds, a second chance at life. For this, I am eternally grateful. And I make it a practice to give gratitude on a daily basis. When you first start, it can be quite difficult to get into the habit of gratitude. But it becomes much easier the more you practice it. The trick is to weave it into your daily life.

The three main ways I practice gratitude are a gratitude journal, a gratitude jar, and a daily ‘good things’ discussion with my wife.

Here is how I practice gratitude daily

  • Gratitude Journal

I write in my journal for a few minutes every morning and night. In the morning, I list three things that I am grateful for (either in general or for the upcoming day). In the evenings, I write three things I am grateful for that happened that day.

Research has shown that people who use gratitude journals on a weekly basis are healthier, more optimistic, and generally feel better about their lives.

Every once in a while I fall out of the habit of my journaling, and I notice quite a big difference in my general demeanour.

  • Gratitude Jar

At the end of each week, sit down and write the best thing that happened that week. Fold up the piece of paper, and place it in the jar. If there are other people in your household, sit together and each person writes down what they are grateful for. At the end of the year, get everyone together, and read aloud all of the notes. It is fun to relive all of these great emotions and to acknowledge all the of the good things that happened throughout the year.

  • Good Things Discussion

At the end of every day, when we get home (and after greeting each other), the first thing my wife and I do is share the good things that happened to us that day. This way our time together starts on a positive note.

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