Simple Ways to Find Motivation to Work Out

working outThe benefits of working out are manifold from weight loss, reduction in the risk of chronic health conditions such as diabetes to improved levels of fitness. Regardless of the knowledge that working out will help people and that it will make them feel good, it is still difficult to find the motivation to get up, exercise and stick to it.

Finding the time to work out regularly becomes more difficult with busy schedules, family and career obligations. Someone may get excited about working out when planning for it in the future, but when the time comes, they realize that the excitement they had days before is not there anymore. Lack of motivation is the obstacle that usually stands between individuals and a healthy body. It is better to understand what it is and why it is needed for one to get active

It is whatever gives direction and purpose to an individual’s behavior. It is the feeling that drives one to get up and get moving towards action. This feeling may come from the desires people hold inside, about working out, they would want to live a fit life, lose weight or get a toned body. That said, it is not something one waits to get instead it is created by the person from his or her desires to achieve something. The following are ways to find the motivation to work out

Setting Goals

Being motivated requires direction and purpose, whether the purpose is to lose weight or to run a marathon, one has to set workout goals. Setting daily, monthly and yearly goals, provides the impetus to keep going.

Being Prepared

Once the decision to commit to working out is made, one has to create an environment that enables him or her to follow through with the decision. Preparing everything that one requires and need for workouts such as always having their gym bag packed and making sure that they have snacks and meals prepared early should be a priority. Being ready for workouts way before they happen reduces the chances of using excuses not to exercise or get to the gym.

Being Disciplined

Habits and routines are part of what people do on a daily basis, they create muscle memory, and the body notices if a deviation occurs in the routine. Making a habit out of exercising takes one much closer to finding it easier and simpler to do. Maintaining a specific routine reinforces the habit and enables one to get in the mood to work out automatically. Making sure that you have scheduled your workouts on specific times and days enables an individual to form a habit and create a routine. Discipline is the act of doing something whether one feels like to or not, working out irrespective of how one feels and sticking to the routine will eventually pay off by making it part of their lifestyle.

Become Committed

Healthy living is a continuous decision that is made every single day, committing to the goals set by reviewing them every day keeps one on the right track as well as motivated. Commitment requires a continuous focus on what one wants to achieve, taking some time off your day to think and write down your goals helps to reaffirm a person’s commitment towards their desires. Commitment keeps an individual motivated towards their work out goals.

Have Fun

Sometimes the pressures of living healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle remove the fun out of exercising and keeping fit. It is important to enjoy a workout, and the time a person either spends in the gym or jogging. Changing the perception that working out is another obligation like work to an activity that helps one to relax and have fun will help in getting a person motivated. Working out with friends and family also makes the workout fun; one could use this time to bond with their family while at the same time helping them also to get fit and healthy.


Whenever one achieves their set workout goals they should reward themselves, it could be something like getting a massage. This will keep a person motivated to achieve more and stay committed to their workout it will also connect the goal with a reward, and whenever they feel de-motivated they will think about the satisfaction achieved through the reward, and they will get moving to achieve their goals to get a reward.

Different reasons motivate different people and what prompted someone today may not be what will motivate one tomorrow. However, keeping to the fundamentals stated above will always keep individuals moving, and motivation will follow. It requires one to dig deep and find their primary purpose for working out; it also gets more comfortable with time and the more they practice motivating themselves, the stronger it becomes.