Stop Hesitating, Take Action

Also known as ‘How to be more confident and overcome fear’.

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16241388115_fec39f427a_bWhen we hesitate or become fearful, it is because we are thinking of the possible end results. ‘What if people laugh at me?’ ‘What if I get in an accident?’ ‘What if?’ ‘What if?’

We have these feelings because we often feel that we are not capable of getting from where we are now, to where we need to be (for example, learning how to drive a car or giving a speech).

Try to take your focus off the end result, and look at the very first step you need to accomplish. Is it making a booking? Writing the first draft of a talk? Placing a sportsbetting stake on your favourite football team? That is far easier to accomplish, and much less scary! That is far easier to accomplish, and much less scary!

The small steps count

The small steps you do to take action count, and they all add up to your end result. Don’t let your fear tell you that the steps you are taking are ‘too small’. Purchasing the Learner’s book is one step closer to getting your driving licence. Finding out where the nearest Toastmaster’s club is, is one step closer to giving a great speech.

It’s what you do more than how you feel

You don’t have to stop feeling fear entirely. Fear is a natural human reaction. it is what you do with that fear that is important. During your first driving lesson, you may be extremely nervous and have shaky hands, but what is important is that you go through with it despite your fear.

Taking action leads to confidence

With each action steps you take, it builds your skills and takes you closer to your goals. With each improvement, it is proof to you are capable. There may be mistakes along the way, but the more you take action, the more confident you will ultimately be.

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